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Night Sky (Collins Gem)
Designed to introduce more aspects of natural history to children, this is an indepth exploration of the night sky. It features fold-out pages to aid immediate reference and a protective laminated cover.

Sky Atlas 2000
A good atlas is essential for travel. This excellent atlas will take the voyager on a journey through the night sky with unparalleled ease and accuracy. The long-awaited second edition of Wil Tirion's superb Sky Atlas 2000.0 offers 43,000 additional…

Norton's star atlas and reference handbook (Epoch 1950.0)
Norton's Star Atlas is the most famous astronomical reference in the world, having guided thousands of professional and amateur stargazers in their search of the night skies. The 1998 edition is completely revised and expanded, with maps drawn to…

Norton's 2000.0: Star Atlas and Reference Handbook
This is considered to be the most famous star atlas in the world - known by generations of amateur astronomers as simply "Nortons". It is designed to be a leading reference handbook for astronomers. The handbook has been revised and redesigned by a…

Sky Catalogue v1
Here, in short, is a written record of data for essentially every star plotted in Wil Tirion's Sky Atlas 2000.0, to which this volume serves a companion

Sky Catalogue 2000.0: Stars to Visual Magnitude 2000.0
This is a standard reference work for telescope users which gives positional and other data for galaxies, double and variable stars, and star clusters. This companion to Volume One includes comprehensive tables on 20,000 objects. Comprehensive…

NGC 2000.0: The Complete New General Catalogue and Index Catalogues of Nebulae and Star Clusters by John Louis Emil Dreyer
This new catalogue is a thorough listing and revision of objects catalogued a century ago by the famous observer J.L.E.Dreyer. This new edition lists 13,226 nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.
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