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Colours of the Galaxies uses spectacular photography to show the colours of stars, galaxies and nebulae.  It lucidly explains what colour is and how it reveals the physical nature of astronomical bodies.

Studies in Starlight: Understanding Our Universe
Briefly looks at the history of astronomy, discusses the characteristics of light, and provides overview of radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolent, x-ray, and gamma ray astronomy

Structure and Evolution of the Stars
Originally published in 1958, this was a ground breaking work in the field. Topics covered are the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, basic physical processes, mathmatic fundamentals of the theory of stellar structure, hydrostatic and thermal equilibrium,…

The Stars: Their Structure and Evolution
This textbook gives a clear account of the manner in which knowledge in many branches of physics, such as gravitation, thermodynamics, atomic physics, and nuclear physics, can be combined to gain an understanding of the structure and evolution of…

An Introduction to the Study of Stellar Structure
Rigorous examination of relationship between loss of energy, mass and radius of stars in a steady state. Unabridged, corrected republication of original (1939) edition. "The material is throughout presented with enviable crispness and clarity of…
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