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Sferische sterrenkunde

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Astronomical Algorithms
  Stated in book," Virtually every previous handbook on celestial calcuations was forced to rely on formaulae for Sun Moon and planets that were developed in the last century or before 1920. With his special knack for computations of all sorts, the…

Spherical Astronomy
This is an introductory textbook on spherical and positional astronomy. It is entirely suitable for use by students with no prior knowledge of classical astronomy. At the same time, it is sufficiently comprehensive to make it a useful background…

De Ster van de dag gaat op en onder
De zon komt 's ochtend op en gaat 's avonds weer onder. Dat is een ding dat zeker is. Of niet? Er zijn streken waar de zon maandenlang op is en er zijn plekken op de wereld waar de zon op speciale dagen volgens de plaatselijke klokken pas rond 2 uur…

Celestial Mechanics: A Computational Guide for the Practitioner
An up-to-date, thorough treatment of the standard, planetary aspects of celestial mechanics as well as the more modern problems of rockets and spacecraft. Sections on initial orbit determination, perturbation theory, and astrophysics are unique in…

Fundamentals of Astrodynamics
Teaching text developed by U.S. Air Force Academy and designed as a first course emphasizes the universal variable formulation. Develops the basic two-body and n-body equations of motion; orbit determination; classical orbital elements, coordinate…
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